Choosing The Perfect 1 Carat Diamond Ring For Her

Carat Diamond Ring

You try to conjure the moments in your mind. You know we are talking about the time when you pop the question finally. Staging everything in your head, finding the right time and figuring out the right place, it all seems nerve wrecking. Understandably, you want everything to be perfect. This is, after all, the love of your one life we are talking about. And right now, you feel it is time to propose a lifetime of being together in marriage. And you want the moment to be the kind of memory that will remain etched in both your minds for eternity.

First Things First

Get her the rock. Yes, that was pretty direct. Just to get things out of the way when you plan, get her the ring to begin with. After that everything shall fall easily into place. In fact, you will realize that it will matter less where and how, once you have a ring in place. The moment may be as spontaneous as popping the question in the park, the subway or your favorite café.

But, first things first. Get her the ring. You probably do not know where to start but one thing is certaing – you want her to feel how special she is to you. Your best bet would have to be a diamond ring. If you are worried about budget, do not fret; the 1 carat diamond ring should be the perfect choice. It is classic. It is elegant. It is diamond that is set on a ring – with that being said plus diamonds being a girl’s best friend, you are sure to woo her your way.

Picking The Right One

Like most men, you probably are practically clueless when it comes to jewelry – much more a 1 carat diamond ring. You do not want to take chances on this one. The ring after all is the star of the entire event. Only next to your beautiful soon to be fiancée of course. Here are a couple of  things to consider:

  1. Work within budget. Do not let the thought that this diamond ring option would cost you your life savings. Not all diamond jewelry cost an arm and a leg. With a budget in mind, you would be able to find the perfect piece that would make your moment of proposal perfect. Learn about diamonds as much as you can. You can do your own research or seek the advice of someone whom you know is an authority in diamonds. He or she can help you zero in on what matters when you buy a diamond ring.
  2. Evaluate the setting and overall design. Diamonds have different shapes, sizes and most importantly come in different carat grades. Narrow down your choices to the best 1 carat diamond ring. Examine the cut of the diamond. The shape should look good on your girl’s hand and finger shape. Make sure too that the stone is set securely in place and would not be prone to getting stuck or caught in materials like textile, fur, net or hair.